CBAP®/CCBA®/ECBA™ Exam Prep – Course Description

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For Business Analysts preparing to write one of the IIBA®’s Certification Exams CBAP®, CCBA® or ECBA™, these course sessions systematically and progressively take participants through each chapter of the BABOK, solidifying their understanding of the related concepts, and increasing their ability to recall the related key details using a variety of learning exercises and tools – in order to effectively answer the questions on the CBAP®, CCBA® or ECBA™ exam.

Course Logistics:

  • in-class downtown Toronto location (within 7 minutes walk from TTC subway)
  • WEEKNIGHT format: 9 weeks, 1 evening per week, 3.0 hrs per evening.  Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings (depending on specific set of sessions and/or participant demand)


  • BOOT CAMP format: 2 consecutive weekends (Saturday+Sunday), 9.0 hrs per day (36.0 hours total)
  • Note that customized onsite course sessions can be provided WEEKDAYS to groups of 5 or more upon request


  • BOOT CAMP: Q4 2019 (October/November dates tbd)
  • WEEKNIGHT format: Q4 2019 (October/November dates tbd)


  • BOOT CAMP: $800 for 4 days (including all materials)
  • WEEKNIGHT format: $800 CAD for 9 weeks (including all materials)

Course Objective:

  • To fine-tune participants’ understanding of the BABOK 3.0, and to prime them for writing the CBAP/CCBA/ECBA certification exam by providing learning tools and engaging participants in a regular weekly study routine.

Target Audience:

  • Business Analysts who already have familiarity with the BABOK, and are now looking to prepare for and write a BABOK 3.0-based CBAP, CCBA or ECBA certification exam.


  • Participants will already have read and will have familiarity with the BABOK 3.0 content prior to the start of the course sessions.
  • Participants will spend additional time between the class sessions to perform study and memorization activities.

Course Content:

  • Facilitator-led recap of BABOK Chapter / Knowledge Area highlights and related Techniques
  • Review of learning tools and interactive learning exercises including: BABOK Study Tables, BABOK Acronym Sheet, Brain Dump, 1-on1 “KA/Task in your own words”
  • Review of selected memory tools and techniques
  • Review of tips for reading and answering exam questions
  • Drilling and review of simulated exam questions


  • Weeknight:
    • 9 weeks, 1 evening per week, 3.0 hrs per evening
    • Weekly 3-hour in-class sessions, covering one BABOK chapter (Knowledge Area + related techniques) per week
    • Between-class review and progressive memorization by participants
    • Follow-up quizzing and exam questions on each BABOK chapter at the start of each next session to assess learning progress
  • Boot Camp:
    • 2 consecutive weekends, Saturdays + Sundays, 9.0 hrs per day
    • Covers 2-3 BABOK chapters (Knowledge Areas + related Techniques) per day
    • Between-weekend individual review and memorization by participants
    • In-class interactive exercise, quizzing and exam questions on each BABOK chapter

Materials provided:

  • BABOK Study Tables (tabular representation of all BABOK tasks, techniques, underlying competencies)
  • BABOK Acronym Sheet (single page with acronyms for all BABOK Tasks’ inputs, elements, techniques, etc. on one sheet)
  • Presentation slide decks (of content reviewed in class)
  • Memorization worksheets

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